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What is slow beauty!

It means being mindful about the choices we make for our skin, our lifestyle and the planet.

Use less - Simplify your routine, declutter your cabinet and save money on multitudes of products by choosing multifunctional ones instead

Choose quality- Selecting effective, clean beauty options with ingredients that work with visible results.

Create less waste- Choose simplified packaging; packaging that can be repurposed or refilled, or that will biodegrade.

The Latest News From Corbin Rd.

Maintaining Healthy Skin Throughout Winter

Jul 13, 2021

 Gina Urlich – BHSc Clinical Nutritionist  As the weather cools down many of us notice a change in our skin. Winter ...

Difference between chemical and physical exfoliation

Jun 22, 2021

Why exfoliate? Exfoliators play an important role in skincare by helping to buff away pollution, dirt and dead...

Bakuchiol - Nature's fountain of youth

May 20, 2021

 Kristy W. Gilbraith, MBA, BSN, RN From early on, we're taught to take care of our skin, but let's face it, how ma...

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