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"I just woke up like this!" - Five ways to relieve puffiness.

Tis the season to be puffy, and while we all love spring and the warmth in the air, many of us also suffer from itchiness, puffiness and irritation at this time of year. Then there are others of us who ‘just woke up like this’ – and need a little help to de-puff in time to face the day.

Here are my five tried and true strategies to relieve puffiness, quickly.

1. Dehydration

Did you know dehydration could be the root cause of your puffiness? Starting your day with a large glass of warm lemon water gets the digestion system moving and the blood circulating. Substitute lemon for a dash of apple cider vinegar to assist with healthy gut function and you’ve killed two birds with one stone!

2. Get Moving

Get moving – and I don’t mean leaping into gym gear! If you move the skin on your face, you’ll help your lymphatic system drain any puffiness away. Invest in one of our gua sha or our popular Sculpta 6000, both of which quickly and cleverly move excess fluid sitting under the skin to your lymph drainage points. Remember, always angle your gua sha or Sculpta so that you’re working up the face – we don’t want to drag anything downwards. Gravity ‘s already doing that job.

3. Face Oil

Use a face oil to infuse your skin with nutrients. Our Corbin Rd Restorative Face Oil with Bakuchiol soothes and strengthens skin, delivering a powerful punch of antioxidants that help combat puffiness. Apply twice daily and pat gently into the face.

4. Cucumber

The movies love this one! For morning puffy eyes  - often a problem when suffering from spring allergies – two slices of chilled cucumber can really do wonders. Follow up with some gentle gua sha around the eye area and you’ll look fresh as a daisy. And another top tip – keep your gua sha in the fridge so it cools, calms and smooths even more effectively!

5. Change your Pillowcase regularly

Pollen and bacteria can settle into the weave of the fabric making puffiness your bedfellow!

One of the questions we’re often asked is whether a gua sha or the Sculpta 6000 (which is battery driven) is best. They each do an amazing job of de-puffing, so it’s really a personal choice! Our gua sha requires a little more concentration and technique as you get the hang of it, but is really effective and you can easily change the pressure you apply with your hand. Our Sculpta 6000 is a great all-rounder, gentle and light on the skin’s surface, and a little easier to use around the eyes. Or try both! They’re great playmates.

Heres to your beautiful skin!

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