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Body Oil vs. Lotion: The verdict for soft & nourished skin!

Body Oil vs. Lotion: The verdict for soft & nourished skin!

But first, what is the difference?

The skin on our body is constantly battling external aggressors, UVA/UVB damage, weather temperature fluctuations, heating, cooling,  body wash detergents, soaps and exfoliators, cold and hot water– thus it is always in need of hydration. Body oil delivers high-intensity moisture back to the skin almost instantly, whereas body lotion is water-based and seals in moisture but is more ideal for targeting drier skin concerns. 

Benefits of Body Oil 

Dermatologists support the use of oils to help balance the skin’s natural sebum production, repair and regulate the skin’s natural barrier and deeply moisturize for glowing results. They key word here is balance. Oils also tend to be purer in terms of ingredients as being water-less it won't support bacteria . So for those of you who are in love with the clean, go this route. 

Benefits of a Body Lotion

This classic soothes dry skin and helps to keep skin hydrated! Lotions have incredible moisturizing abilities because the base of the formula is a mixture of oils and water, allowing for better skin penetration and retention of hydration. 

Please note,  gel-based formulas or products with alcohol are not lotions or hydrate

How to Use Body Oil

Timing is everything when incorporating oils into your body-care routine! To lock in moisture for maximum hydration results, apply to skin when it is still slightly damp. You guessed it, that means post-shower! For an added boost to parched skin, you can layer lotion over body oil.

The Verdict

 It really comes down to personal preference and timing. Regardless of your choice, make sure to choose formulas with ingredients that can work beautifully together to maximize hydration results for your best skin yet. 

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