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Better living, everyone - with Veto Zero-waste Cleaning Supplies

Better living, everyone - with Veto Zero-waste Cleaning Supplies

Call me Martha Stewart or maybe just a lover of all things in my home - I am a Cancerian after all. I also adore anything to do with natural cleaning solutions. After looking at my BB cream-stained Viteve Silk Exfoliators cloths & a bag of Oxygen Bleach I decided to get down to giving them a REALLY good clean.

Over time, like anything I expected the natural silk fibres of these wonder cloths to wear down a little & stain. And although I always wear a natural make-up base (can we call tinted sunscreen, makeup?), things still discolour. Our Founder, Wendy has always said that the Exfoliating cloths won't look pretty but they will still do their job well. Practicality first! 

When I stumbled across the incredible Veto Zerowaste Cleaning products via Earths Pantry online store, I instantly fell in love with Charlotte's approach to everyday cleaning. Her philosophy matched my own, all-natural, zero waste & sustainable. Plus the price point is very accessible. The beautiful range of products & their multi-purpose options are impressive & it's good to see (& smell different types of natural fragrances, Rose & Light Amber, to name a couple - so beautiful!)

Wanting to get my Silk Exfoliating Cloths back to their former glory I used Veto’s Oxygen Bleach  (which is a natural alternative to your regular chemical-laden bleach) I grabbed all of my exfoliating cloths, a bucket of hot water - about 3 TBS of Oxygen Bleach & let them soak all day in the solution. After their bath, to further their deep cleanse, I grabbed an old pot & a couple of litres of water - put in 2 TBS more of the Oxygen Bleach, bringing them to a rolling boil for 15 minutes. This opens the fibre of the silk and helps clear out the dirt & oil that has accumulated over time. Discarding the murky water, I then rinsed the cloths clean & washed them as per usual - hanging them to dry in the bright Hawkes Bay sun. They turned out well with a fluffier silk tuft & fresher in colour - result! 

Given that I use my Silk Exfoliating Cloths in conjunction with our Cleansing Balm, a general wash does a pretty good job of cleaning but to help them look a little brighter & to fluff them up for more exfoliating power I have found that I am giving them a quick hand wash after use with Veto’s Soap Slab because it helps dissolve grease - the perfect antidote for breaking down the botanical cleansing oils. I am doing this now as a further step. 

I will continue to be boiling my cloths more regularly in the future & following the above protocol. I can also highly recommend the Wonder Bar for stubborn mascara or lipstick stains on these areas. You can then soak it in Oxygen Bleach or throw it straight in the wash after its quick Wonder Bar treatment. Super breezy!

veto zero waste cleaning

Being a part of a sustainable brand like Corbin Rd., we also believe that caring for the quality things that we purchase is important too. That way things last longer & can perform just as we require them to. Quality over quantity, as always.

Kelly @ Corbin Rd.

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