The product should be stored safely in an airtight bag while not in use at between -5 to +50 Celsius and 85% maximum humidity. The filter is not washable and contact with water must be avoided. Make sure to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer both before and after cleaning the product. 

1. Disassemble the product. 

Un-hook the head clip from the earloops. Remove the filter from the mask skin.

2. Hand or machine wash the mask skin.

Wash in 60°C water. If hand wash is used, do not put your hands in the water since the water is warm and could cause burn. Use a suitable tool to rub the parts in the water softly. Hang dry for at least 24-hours or until dry. 

3. Wipe the head clip clean with a disinfecting wet wipe.

4. The filter cannot be washed since it can affect the filtering efficiency, use a dry soft tissue to wipe off the filter if needed. The nose-foam can be wiped clean with a disinfecting wet wipe.


The quality of the product can only be guaranteed up to 25 cleaning cycles. Stop using the product at the first sign of damage. 


Small - 25-45 kg

Medium - 45-70 kg

Large - Over 70 kg