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Corbin Rd Essential Oil - Lavender Sweet
Corbin Rd Essential Oil - Lavender Sweet
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Essential Oil - Lavender Sweet 10ml

Corbin Rd

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Lavender Sweet is one of the most calming and relaxing essential oils. Lavandula hybrida which is a hybrid version of lavender is particularly good for the skin. It helps to reduce inflammation so is often used for psoriasis, eczema and acne. This oil is gentle enough to be applied directly on the skin, making it ideal for children and the parents and it blends well. Lavender is an ancient species of flowering plant in the mint family.

Its scent has been used to calm, heal, and comfort people for over 2,500 years. The Romans scented their public bathhouses with it and the Ancient Egyptians included it in mummification. Lavandula hybrida has historically been used to soothe and relax, and was used to treat everything from headaches to the plague. And let's not forget that Cleopatra once seduced Julius Caesar with Lavender. Lavender is associated with royalty, luxury, wealth and the violet flower is considered a symbol of faithfulness and constancy because it never fades. Try our calming and relaxing essential oils today!

Please note: the traditional uses listed here are for reference only and under no circumstances should they be taken as recommendations for cures or treatments for diseases or medical conditions. Therapeutic oils are used to support natural body functions and work in harmony with our body's physiology.

Ways to use

The Difference between Lavenders

Lavender Sweet (organic) has a soft, gentle scent,ideal for using in cleaning products, laundry and skin care. It can still be utilised to assist the skin's natural healing and regeneration processes, to promote relaxation, calm and balance Lavender True (organic) is calming and relaxing, excellent for skin healing and for burns, cuts and for general first aid. Lavender Spike (organic) is great for respiratory support and for muscle and joint pain.
Lavender True (organic)

Utilised in Skin Healing to assist the skin's natural healing and regeneration processes, especially when blistered or scalded. Lavender True (organic) is very calming and may help to ease painful nerve activity. Use to promote sleep & calm and helps to counter restlessness and sleeplessness. Use to counter the affects of shock. Can be used to aid healing when skin is bruised and damaged.
Lavender Spike

Reported to have antispasmodic properties that may be useful against irritating coughs, it blends well with other respiratory essential oils. Can be used to promote clear sinuses in babies and has a gentle penetrating aroma that encourages deep healthy breathing. It offers cleansing and expectorant properties to support natural recovery from respiratory illness and is ideal for young children and elderly. Has reported analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties a useful addition to massage blends for treating painful body conditions and injury.

Safety Considerations

Lavender is one of the safest essential oils if used as directed. It can be applied directly to the skin. If ingested, drink milk & consult a health specialist. Avoid eyes, flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Please note: Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.


Lavandula hybrida 'super', flower, distilled, certified organic, France.

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