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Winter Wellness Tonic

Winter Wellness Tonic

With the winter chills comes comes the winter sniffles, here’s our DIY never fail winter wellness tonic!

Put the below into a tea pot.

1cm Ginger, cut into slices – warms the body and fights infections, aches and pains

1/2 Small organic lemon – wash outside, cut into 1/4’s  squeeze  two pieces into the teapot  then drop both pieces in – vit C for immunity and fight infection.

Chilli x 1cm – antioxidant, don’t touch your eyes after cutting! – rich in vitamins and pain relief.

Whole cloves x 3 to numb a sore throat.

Cinnamon x 1/2 quill for fighting infections and boosting immunity.

Honey x 1 teaspoon for throat and healing.

Pour over hot water  and let infuse for 15 mins before drinking.

Now if you are over 18 and you’re about to go to bed, add a good swig of whiskey to help you sleep!!!

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