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Bakuchiol - natural alternative to Vit A

Bakuchiol - Nature's fountain of youth

 Kristy W. Gilbraith, MBA, BSN, RN

From early on, we're taught to take care of our skin, but let's face it, how many of us heeded that advice? Not until the uneven pigmentation,  rough texture, and  whispers of crows feet crop up,  do we look to undo the damage, including slathering ourselves in sunscreen and vitamin A, retinoid, type products. It's no secret that retinol and retinoids help address the signs of aging and sun damage. They're also used to improve skin texture via exfoliant-like properties. However, despite their efficacy, these products have been observed to irritate skin, especially in higher concentrations, resulting in dryness, peeling, redness, and sensitivity to sunlight. Additionally, retinoid and retinol products are not advisable for use while pregnant or breastfeeding due to concerns regarding congenital disabilities. So, what's one to do if sensitive skin is a concern or pregnancy is in your future? 

The Botanical Slow Beauty Solution

If you've not heard of bakuchiol, then you are missing out on the best retinol and retinoid alternative there is, as it literally turns back the clock on skin. Bakuchiol, pronounced "buh- KOO-chee-all" is a plant-derived powerhouse. A compound that naturally occurs in the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia (Babchi) plant indigenous to India and harbours anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, blemish reducing and potentially  anti-ageing qualities.

The oil's history is rooted in ayurvedic healing, as it has been used for addressing inflammation, ridding blood impurities, weight loss, and skin maladies. However, today it is considered a must- have for youthful, clearer, more beautiful skin. Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi, a Columbia University educated physician based in Delhi, India, asserts bakuchiol has proven beneficial at 1% strength with significantly less irritation [than retinoids].

Benefits of Bakuchiol

Multiple clinical studies are touting the benefits of bakuchiol. A notable study published in 2018 by the British Journal of Dermatology demonstrated bakuchiol's effectiveness was comparable to retinol and its ability to improve photoaging. It was also shown to be better tolerated over retinol.


 Bakuchiol is often credited as the natural alternative to vitamin A, although it does not have the same chemical structure as retinol it triggers pathways that activate skin cells similar to retinol resulting in stimulating cell turnover, combating dark spots and softening textural irregularities on the skins surface, promoting a smoother, plumper, and more blemish-free appearance.

As a photostable ingredient, Bakuchiol does not increase UV and sun sensitivity and offers potent antioxidant qualities so it is safe to apply twice a day, both in the morning and at night to maximize efficacy without causing redness, as it's entirely plant-based. 

The verdict

A well-defined compound with over 99% purity, Bakuchiol has clinically demonstrated to reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles as efficiently as retinol, with a better skin tolerance. Making it an ideal ingredient for soothing and balancing irritated, blemish-prone and prematurely ageing complexions through collagen and elastin stimulation. 

Bakuchiol oil's benefits are hard to ignore:

  • Effects similar to retinol, visibly reducing wrinkle depth and skin roughness.

  • Performs as a broad-spectrum antioxidant, staving off visible signs of aging from environmental stressors.

  • Boosts collagen-deprived skin by visibly stimulating a firmer-looking complexion.

  • Contains antibacterial properties, minimizing acne and occasional breakouts.

  • Noticeably improves overall skin-tone and texture without negative side-effects. 

Suitable for all skin types, Our Corbin Rd. Face Oil contains 1% Bakuchiol, works harmoniously with other ingredients without negatively interfering with its characteristics. The Multi-Vitamin Restorative Oil + 1% Bakuchiol blend is chocked full of antioxidants and vitamins E, A, C, B and D, and omegas 6,7 and 9, which boosts skin’s natural moisture retention capacity and promotes skin healing for youthful, brighter, smoother appearing skin,  and most importantly for Australiasian sun exposed skin it helps reduce the presence of UV-induced skin damage such as hyperpigmentation.  Shop Here  


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