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Dylan Cawte Olyvyer Leru men's skincare

Men's skincare hacks: Five minutes with Kiwi influencers Dylan Cawte and Olyvyer Leru

This month we've teamed up with influencers @DylanCawte and @Olyvyerleru to discuss the importance of men's skincare - because despite the fact EVERYONE needs to care for their skin, irrespective of age or gender, some men still seem reluctant to embrace the idea! Here, we spend five minutes with Dylan and Olyvyer:

So, how did you two meet?
We met through Instagram. Olivier was traveling around the world and decided to come to NZ because he had always wanted to check it out...and obviously wanted to check me out haha. We spent his first weekend in NZ together in the Bay of Island and haven't left each other's side since.
Do you think men are good at caring for their skin?
Generally speaking, no. Younger generations and gay men are probably doing a better job. Younger generations, especially, are more aware now. The rise of social media and the importance given to appearance is probably helping with the rise of that awareness. But the majority of men in NZ still have this macho persona that gets in the way of them taking care of themselves.  
What did your dads do?
Absolutely nothing which is too bad. They both spent a lot of time working outside in the sun without wearing any protection. We guess they were never told the importance of wearing sunscreen and now they know they don't seem to care lol.

Talk us through your skincare routines
Olyvyer: I use Corbin Rd's Cleansing Balm morning and night. I do a quick and easy cleansing every morning. In the evening, I like to apply the cleansing balm and let it sit on my face for about 10 mins before I exfoliate with the Corbin Rd. Exfoliating Cloth then I apply an organic serum and moisturiser.
Dylan: I pretty much have the exact same routine. The only difference is I apply a zinc sunscreen every morning (rain or shine) before I leave the house.
What do you look for in a skincare product? 
Olyvyer: Knowing what ingredients are in my skincare products are essential to me. I tend to go for the most natural, botanical and organic skincare products. Corbin Rd. Cleansing Balm is amazing. It leaves your skin clean, glowing, smooth & fresh. I love love love the smell of it. We wish Corbin Rd. had a moisturiser range!! HINT!!
Dylan: I always look for the most natural products, free of synthetic fragrances, parabens and other nasties. 

Got any good skincare hacks? 
Olyvyer: Once a month, I use a whole avocado to do a face mask. Avocados, in the form of face masks, are a natural and chemical-free way to nourish skin.They are a rich source of essential nutrients that soothe and moisturise your face. They contain vitamin B, vitamin E, and amino acids.
In terms of wider health, how do you look after yourselves? 
We are both very mindful of the fact that being healthy is a lifestyle. It's a balance of daily good healthy foods mixed with exercise and good sleep. We workout 5 times a week and both take turns to cook. Olyvyer is very regimented about the food he cooks and eat. Dylan allows himself to pig out and eat junk food more often but overall we both eat super healthy.

For more information about the difference between men's and women's skin, and men's particular skincare needs, check out our interview with Auckland-based beauty editor Tracy Davis here

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