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Making  Slow Beauty your skincare solution

Making Slow Beauty your skincare solution

Refining why we think Slow Beauty is a modern skincare solution
Like slow fashion, there is a groundswell towards a future where “less is more”. As societies, we are paring back our lifestyles and demanding more conscious choices. What about your skincare regime, how do you even know where to start?
 Fast beauty creates multiple single-performing skincare products at lightning-speed to capitalise on beauty trends. The result is a myriad of confused and overwhelmed customers, wading through multitudes of expensive and complicated routines and as Stuff reported, spending up to $15k on beauty treatments annually. That’s not small change and could go to better use, towards a deposit on a house for example.
 I get it, we are bombarded with information, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next best thing. But when my skin packed up on me and it took using the absolute minimal of products to repair, it dawned on me that we don’t have to spend hours deciphering skincare regimes and dropping dollar after dollar with our fingers crossed to get results. You can get it by using a lot less.

 Corbin Rd delivers a pared-back range of simple to use, multifunctional products that enhance your skin and your lifestyle inside out. We call this modern approach to beauty, Slow Beauty.

Slow Beauty follows three principles

1. Achieve More with Less Creating multifunctional products that save time, energy and money without compromising on quality

2. Choose Quality Our products use high-quality plants and botanicals that deliver real, noticeable results to your skin, body and the planet

3. Create Less Waste Mindful of the effects skincare packaging has on the environment. 99% of our packaging can easily be recycled, but we prefer it to be upcycled or refilled. We are constantly looking out for new technology of how this area can be improved and made more efficient.

There are three fundamental steps to healthy skin: cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. This can be achieved with just three high quality, high performing, multi purposed products that deliver skin results and work on all skin types.

Our invitation to you is to use up the skin care products you have and then move to the Slow Beauty approach. Join the movement of people who want to do more with less, simplify their lives and tread lightly on the planet.
 Your skin will be amazing and you’ll feel liberated that you don’t need to worry about skincare choices anymore.
It’s time to bid farewell to the overwhelming confusion of fast beauty and join the modern movement of Slow Beauty with Corbin Rd.

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