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Going Unplugged

Going Unplugged

Have you heard of unplugging? It's the action of taking a break from the relentless new cycles, the drain of the social media scroll, the fatigue that can come from work/business stress, running a household, and taking care of loved ones.

Unplugging isn't one thing, though. It's different for all of us! Check out our tips for giving yourself a break by 'unplugging' below.

  • Take a tech time-out. Set a reminder or alarm on your phone for one hour before bedtime to switch everything off - TV, laptop, phone. Use the time to gently unwind with a warm bath, meditation, journaling, reading, drawing, flicking through a magazine, stretching, or simply sitting still with a cup of tea. 
  • De-beep your phone. All that buzzing, whirring, and vibrating keeps us attached to our phones at all times. Switch off the notifications and instead check your phone when you want to, not when it tells you to.
  • Follow with care. So many of us subscribe to blogs, follow social influencers and receive email marketing material from people or businesses that truly add nothing to our everyday lives. Particularly, if any of these 'follow's make you feel down, disheartened, or demotivated, get rid of them.



" The best way for me to unplug from social media would be by reconnecting with nature. Often I find myself scrolling through Instagram without having made a conscious choice to do so. So to allow myself some time to recharge and clear my head, I go to the beach to watch the sunset, to the hills for a hike, or even for a little road trip at least twice a week. It is a very positive and rejuvenating experience to put down the devices and take a feel moments to feel grounded, refreshed, and real. 

I am also a stargazer - I love to find a place away from all the light pollution and busy city life to enjoy the cosmic spectacle to its fullest. You even have to put your phone away at least ten minutes before the stargazing - simply to let your eyes adjust to the darkness of the night sky to be able to see as many stars as possible. I can't recommend stargazing enough. It always gives me a sense of belonging, humbleness, and most importantly, the perspective of realising how tiny the fraction of the universe we live in is."



" The best way for me to unplug from social media would be in between the working day and dinner time. I love to pop onto the deck and have some peace and quiet, some time to myself before the chaos of being a mother kicks in. I'll simply leave the electronics inside, grab a good book and read away. 

Other days, I use my phone, not for social media but, to call my granddaughter and catch up with her. Time goes so fast and I always feel so much happier for it. "



" I like to unplug from all the distractions that life throws at me by leaving my phone at home and organising a picnic at the local gardens, a hike with my camera, or a trip to the beach at least once a week. Getting away from the distractions at home (social media, emails, cleaning, etc.) When I allow myself to step away, take in my surroundings and be in the moment with my loved ones and myself, my phone doesn't come to mind for a moment. 

I also recommend setting phone screen time and app limits! Give yourself a set amount of time on your phone a day and be realistic about it, everyone is different. What helped me was to look at my daily average screen time (try not to scream) and reduce that by 20% increments each week until you reach your ideal limit. You'll notice your mind is clearer, more positive, and mindless scrolling isn't your first option for enjoyment. "



" My favourite way to unplug it to pump the music (I have a playlist on my Spotify with the most uplifting and positive tunes I know of), throw on an apron, and bake! Time in the kitchen, mixing the batter for a Nigella Lawson Chocolate, Tahini and Banana Bread, or a massive cheesecake, or a tray of oatmeal cookies for my son's lunchbox makes me feel strongly connected to my home and family. And the big bad world seems a little further away when there's something delicious in the baking tins. "



" I try this one simple thing, to not look at my phone until I'm in the office. This gives me a couple of hours all to myself. I understand this is only addressing those of you who don't have the pitter-patter or the stompity-stomp, of children in the house, but it still gives you undivided attention to enjoy your morning family time. I then go for a walk up Napier Hill (it's the Earthquake Tsunami Evacuation point, so I try to beat my time on the goat track). I either listen to a podcast or just take time to think, take in the sights and gardens of Napier or smell the sea air. There is something peaceful about a town before it wakes up. "


We hope that whatever action you take over the next few weeks to unplug, brings you a little peace, calm, and clarity. 
Here's to your beautiful skin, and a clear mind x 
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