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Faces of Corbin Rd. - Nerida Cortese

Faces of Corbin Rd. - Nerida Cortese

Tell us about yourself Nerida?

Originally I’m from Australia where my family all still live. Both my younger sisters are yoga instructors, live chemical free and eat very healthily. Learning to live a relatively sustainable life has come from my mother. We never got new things for birthdays or Christmas. Garage sales and Salvation Army was where it was at for us, but not because we couldn’t afford more. It’s just Mum likes giving back to the community and hates waste.

How long have you been using Corbin Rd?

I’ve been using Corbin Road just over six months now, and I love how it smells and how it feels on my skin.

Why did you make the switch?

I made the switch from a complicated skin routine for that very reason – it was complicated! I was using cleanser, toner, serum, day cream, night cream, eye cream and face masks and exfoliators.

What does the phrase “slow beauty” mean to you?

Results that don’t happen overnight, but are more sustainable and maintainable. My skin definitely glows and I no longer get eczema at certain times of the year.

What do you love most about your face?

My small features. I think they’re distinctively Scandinavian, which is where my father was from.

Is there anything that concerns you about the beauty industry?

There are many things that concern me about the beauty industry! Mostly the use of chemicals, preservatives and the lack of control of these toxins.

You’re a Mum to two boys. How has motherhood changed you? 

Being a Mum has made me realise how selfish I was with my time before I had children, and how things like the food we eat and environment we live in, can affect our well-being!
They say you never know love until you have children, and as cheesy as it may sound, I completely agree!

What values do you hope your boys bring into their adulthood?

To respect others and treat them how they wish to be treated. You can’t go past good manners - acknowledging people when they enter the room, doing things for others and spending quality time with people they love.

What's been your biggest motherhood challenge?

My biggest motherhood challenge has been raising a son with ASD, and another son with many allergies. Most days provide new challenges, and my patience and empathy is often tested. Despite these challenges, I’ve  been given the gift of two sons who love me unconditionally, provide me with many laughs and who motivate me to be a good mum. 

How do you treat yourself?

After a busy day I love to treat myself with my facial routine. I love the smell and texture of the Corbin Rd products, and they make my skin feel soft and moist, not tight or itchy.

Who is your hero, and why?

My Mum. She’s taught me to appreciate the simple things and find the positive out of any situation. I believe there are always hurdles that come your way, but it’s how you jump over them that matters.

What will life look like for you in a year’s time?

I hope to have fully renovated my house myself (with my partner) and learned to cook a wider variety of meals, as gluten and dairy free can be a little limited sometimes.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To take one day at a time. Appreciate what you have now and don’t try and rush into the future as you are bound to miss out on something!


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