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Faces of Corbin Rd - Kelly Gibney

Faces of Corbin Rd - Kelly Gibney

We’d followed Kelly Gibney’s  adventures in food for a long time before she trialled Corbin Rd – and now, we love seeing her share elements of her skincare journey as she makes the switch to slow beauty.

Tell us about yourself, Kelly…
I’m a food writer, food stylist and photographer based in Auckland. I’m a mother to young two daughters. I love cooking and eating (no surprise there), reading and being active - bush walks, beach walks and outdoor yoga are my faves.

How long have you been using Corbin Rd?
About 3 months now. I’d been feeling the call to find a simpler way for a while. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the million-step routines out there and to be honest my skin was quite overwhelmed too. I’ve noticed a huge difference in correcting the extreme dryness I experienced with my skin previously.  My skin is so much calmer and more stable since I’ve switched – it’s wonderful.

What do you love about the range?
The idea of doing more with less is so great and really speaks to me. It’s a mindset shift that’s really freeing and feels truly like self care.

Is there anything that concerns you about the beauty industry?
I hate the idea that we’re constantly being told we’re not enough. That you’re never using enough products. There’s always another thing you should be using (on top of the million things you’re already expected to use) to address a concern you didn’t even know you had to worry about. The whole beauty industry can sometimes feel like a real pile-on of worries for women. I really love the simplification of the whole process with Corbin Rd.

What’s the one thing Kiwis could do to reduce their impact on the planet?
Just realise that, in most cases, they already have enough. Constantly buying “stuff” is such a wasteful mindset. We need to learn to make do with what we have – recycle, upcycle and buy second hand. It’s not necessary to constantly be buying new clothes or toys… or anything! Buy quality and take care of the things you own to ensure they last.

How do you slow down and relax?
I love reading. My absolute favourite part of the day is in the morning sitting in a chair on our front deck with a cup of coffee, a book and whichever daughter got to my lap first. Listening to the birds and soaking up that first light of the day – it’s magic. We’ve been doing this every morning since spring arrived in Auckland. It’s an amazing way to set yourself up for the day and totally worth getting up earlier for.

How do you treat yourself?
A walk by myself, drinking matcha (my fav!) or going for a swim. I’m not a big shopper or anything like that. If I splurge it’s on really nice ingredients to cook a good meal or my fav adaptogenic herbs or medicinal mushrooms (I love a good potion).

What message would you give your 16-year-old self, if you could?
Oh my gosh, this one hits me hard. I’d tell her she’s already perfect (because she really doesn’t think that) and that it all gets easier. I found being a teen really tough - so much pressure and being in between childhood and adulthood is a strange time. I really hope I’ll do a good job of guiding my two lovely girls through the teen years.

What will life look like for you in a year’s time?
Hmm hard to say. Hopefully I’ve kicked off studying nutrition (something I’ve been wanting to do for ages) and am in the process of another cookbook. I hope I’m planning an international holiday and that the world has opened up a bit more.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
I really love that Eckhart Tolle quote “This too shall pass”. It’s such a good reminder that life has its seasons and that when things are hard, it won’t always be that way. Conversely that even the blissful happy times don’t stay that way forever. That life is constantly in motion. Soak it all up.

You can follow Kelly’s skincare journey here.

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