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7 reasons to choose Slow Beauty skincare – CORBIN RD.

7 reasons to choose Slow Beauty skincare – CORBIN RD.

Slow beauty should be the words on your lips if you’re into clean living and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Given the state of the world post-COVID-19, it is hardly a surprise that slow beauty has gained such popularity. It is a mindful approach to skincare and life in general. Slow beauty is about making considered choices when it comes to your skin, your lifestyle and the planet. We think everyone should get on board. 

Slow beauty followers support brands that use sustainable ingredients and improve personal wellness. Obviously, this means such followers must be a bit picky about the brands they choose to buy.

This may seem difficult at first, but slow beauty practitioners swear by it. If you're still on the fence yourself, here are 7 reasons that you should choose slow beauty skincare and incorporate slow beauty principles into your own life.

1. Adopt a holistic beauty mentality - try natural skincare

Slow beauty is a subset of the holistic beauty movement. Holistic beauty is a way of melding one's beauty routine with every other aspect of living. 

What sets slow beauty apart is its specificity. A slow beauty lifestyle clearly emphasises the need to combine three particular facets of one's life:

      1.  Physical health and wellness

      2.  Mental health and emotional wellness

      3.  Environmental sustainability

2. Increase your mindfulness

With holistic beauty comes increased mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a spiritual belief and psychological practice. It reclaims personal wellbeing by focusing on the moment and devoting oneself to living in it. It takes practice and concerted effort to achieve mindfulness, but every steppingstone along that path forms an important part of its experience. 

 Slow beauty can be one of those stepping stones. Purchasing products that seek to improve your health and appearance in a slow, sustainable way is markedly more mindful than purchasing products that promise instant results. Rather than getting hung up on the future or some unattainable end goal, slow beauty teaches people to accept themselves as they are and make gradual improvements instead of drastic transformations.

3. Support ethical business practices

Some modern business practices can be a real turn off. Despite living in a modern society that is fully aware of the corporate impact on human life and our very planet, some businesses continue to operate in a manner that benefits them at the cost of all others. 

 Slow beauty bucks that trend entirely. 

 When you purchase slow beauty products instead of mega-mart brand-name cosmetics, you send an obvious message to businesspeople around the world. Specifically, you're saying that you will spend your money on healthy, sustainable products instead of mass-produced ones that harm our communities and environment. 

4. Encourage environmental sustainability

A good example of ethical business practices that the slow beauty lifestyle supports is environmental sustainability. 

Slow beauty products are produced from sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients. Slow beauty products do not jump onto popular trends just for the sake of making a profit. Because of the connection between slow beauty and holistic beauty, you won't find a slow beauty retailer that supports environmental destruction.

Slow beauty doesn't make sacrifices for the benefit of personal health. You can trust that the ingredients in slow beauty products aren't contributing to damage in rural areas or third-world countries.

Likewise, slow beauty producers do not test their products on animals. Another reason to sleep easy when choosing slow beauty options.

5. Enable lasting, long-term self-improvement

As we said earlier, the main goal of slow beauty is sustainability. This sustainability extends to both the environment at large and our own individual health.

For example, consider what we know about building new habits such as including more exercise in our lifestyle, moving towards a plant-based diet or incorporating mindfulness into our life. Much as we would love for there to be an overnight or instant fix for these habits, it just doesn’t work that way. We know that we’re much more likely to continue a new habit if we incorporate it at a gradual, steady pace rather than a crash course or cold turkey approach. Beauty is no different. When you make small but long-lasting improvements to your self-care routines, you're more likely to stick with them and, thus, more likely to see long-term benefits.

6. Remove bodily toxins

One of the largest benefits of slow beauty products is the focus on removing bodily toxins. 

Lots of cosmetics advertise themselves as cures for congested skin and environmental damage. If they intend to do so by pumping your skin full of synthetic chemicals, though, they're really just exacerbating the problem.

Slow beauty products do not. They address dull complexions, wrinkles, blemishes, sun damage, and other common beauty concerns with natural ingredients. In other words, you aren't adding new toxins to your body in the hopes that they will expel the old toxins. 

7. Cultivate simplicity 

As our own Wendy Nowell-Usticke  attests, “Minimal should be the norm, not the exception.” This is true for cosmetics, healthcare and life in general. 

 Unlike products with three labels full of ingredient lists, many of which are synthetic and unpronounceable, slow beauty products seek to deliver the best results in the simplest way possible. This means that they only use the ingredients they need and that those ingredients originate solely from ethical, environmentally friendly sources. Simple ingredients and simple processes mean simple solutions.

Where to shop for slow beauty skincare

Supporting the slow beauty approach is an excellent way to broadcast a message to cosmetics companies worldwide. We want beauty products that improve more than just our appearance. We want products that heal our bodies and protect our planet. 

The only question left is where to go about purchasing such products.

A great place to start is Corbin Rd.A New Zealand-owned and operated business, Corbin Rd. uses only the highest quality and most sustainable ingredients possible. We reduce waste via mindful packaging choices and commit to absolutely no animal testing of our products. If you’re new to Corbin Rd., we have a starter set ( of our essential products, in sweet little mini sizes. Our Restorative Cleansing Balm, Viteve™ Silk Exfoliating Cloth and Restorative Face Oil. All you need for healthy, strong and radiant skin!


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