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Glass Travel Flask

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Glass Travel Flask with Infuser and Bamboo Lid

Choose to refuse plastic water bottles

This versatile double-walled thermos can be used for teas loose or in a bag,  fruit & herb infused water or any other hot or cold drink such as coffee, matcha & turmeric teas.

Glass Travel Flask

Glass Travel Flask =  clean, pure taste of whatever you are drinking eliminating any possibility to absorb plastic bottle chemicals and hormone disrupters. These are infinitely recyclable and reusable, and therefore remove potential plastic pollution to our planet.

  • dishwasher safe
  • last a lifetime
  • environmentally responsible

Glass Travel Flask Instructions:

  1. For hot teas or infusions: Remove the metal tea infuser filter, unscrew the lid and add your tea leaves/bags or fresh herbs, screw the lid back on and gently push into the top of the thermos until you hear a click, pour over boiling water. Screw the bamboo Thermos lid onto the  glass Thermos while the flavours infuse.
  2. For coffee, matcha & turmeric teas and any other pre-made hot drinks or soups: Remove the metal infuser filter completely and add your hot beverage. The double-wall vacuum will keep your beverage  hot for up to 5 hours
  3. For fruit-infused water: Remove the bottom part of the metal tea infuser filter and leave aside. Add fresh fruit and herbs such as mint, pour in  water, then gently push  the top part of your filter back in the thermos until you hear the click, this will prevent the fruit from coming out when you drink. You can continue to top up with water during the day.

Care instructions for Glass Travel Flask:

Please wash with warm soapy water or put all but the bamboo lid into the dishwasher