Bian Gua Sha Stone

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Benefits: Stimulates blood flow, reduces scar tissue, sculpts and lifts the face, moves stagnant fluid under the skin to de-puff and make the skin glow. After a couple of days, you will see the difference.

Who can use it? Anyone, there is a specific technique but once you get the hang of it's easy and relaxing and will produce results.  Please click on the attachment below to see full instructions. 

Don't use: If you have had fresh botox, (They call this the botox of the east, so maybe this reusable tool has just saved you a fortune) fillers, very inflamed/broken skin or aggressive acne.

When to Use it:   You can use anytime really, but we prefer first thing in the morning on clean skin with a few drops of the Corbin Rd  Restorative Face Oil. Always follow up with plenty of water to flush toxins out.  If you don't use a roller at night you might want to leave this for an evening ritual. 

What is Gua Sha

Gua Sha is the ancient Chinese therapy of scraping the skin with a tool using oil, cream, or serum to improve the skin's overall appearance via micro-circulation. Our Gua Sha kit is the perfect marriage of nature and luxury. It includes a natural Bian Stone and our proprietary nutrient-rich Multi-Vitamin Restorative oil to ensure maximum benefit to your skin.

Bian Stone
We are re-introducing the 65 million-year-old healing stone to the 21st century. Known for having 40 plus trace minerals, antioxidant properties, Far-infrared pulses of energy, and the ability to create ultrasounds, it's no surprise it is now the beauty secret to gorgeous, healthy skin.

Long known for its healing properties, our 100% natural, smooth-edged Bian stone supports circulation, reduction of scar tissue, signs of stress and aging when coupled with our multivitamin restorative oil for a premium Gua Sha experience.

Multi-Vitamin Restorative Oil
Our luxurious plant-based moisturizing oil gives luster to skin and lashes for a more youthful appearance. Packed with an amazing punch of anti-inflammtory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that support skin health at the cellular level, you'll never want to be without it.

Our oil can be used with a Bian stone on targeted areas or solo as an overall moisturizer to soothe and replenish tired skin for a healthy fresh glow.

Download your Bian Gua sha Instructional here