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Back to Natural

It seems that today we all live in such a high-tech hurry. Our needs are met so quickly, simply by staring at a screen, tapping the option we want or sliding left or right. Our phones are our constant companions and they are almost smarter than us. Heck, we even have cars that can drive themselves.

Little wonder then, that the natural skin care category is one of the fastest growing globally.  According to, the global natural and organic cosmetics market is projected to nearly double in size between 2016 and 2024, pointing to the huge demand that is expected to arise for these products. In fact, in 2016, the natural beauty market was valued at approximately 11.06 billion U.S. dollars worldwide.

A recent survey by Cosmetics Business & Your Beauty Club found that 59 percent of consumers prioritise buying natural beauty products, while 69 percent of consumers revealed that skin care is the type of green product they most consider buying.

Ancient civilisations knew that the simplest and most effective form of healing came from plants and nature. Now, it seems we’ve come full circle, embracing once again the realisation that nature truly does provide the most potent, pure and effective solution to all our skin care woes.

Increasingly, we’re returning to nature – not just for skin care needs, but also the cleaning products we use, natural fibres in our clothing (forget damaging micro-fibres!), or fragrance that is created from plant-based essential oils.

It brings us not only a feeling of peace and calm but eases our collective consciousness. We know that we are doing right by our skin, our lifestyle, and ultimately our planet. And that is a wonderful thing.

But it doesn’t just end there. By using such natural ingredients, we are actually improving our health. Natural, plant-based ingredients simply have a closer and better affinity with the composition of our skin and as such are more beneficial.

Natural ingredients work in affinity with the normal functions of the skin and the antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids found within them are the ones that our skin actually requires for its essential functions and to remain healthy, supple and radiant.

With such similar structure to our own cells, we now know that these potent natural ingredients can deliver every bit as high-tech skin care as anything synthesised in a lab. This new trend of plant-based, natural skin care is here to stay, not only because they are delightful to use, but because they truly deliver results.

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