HEV Light – The New Skin Saboteur?

HEV Light – The New Skin Saboteur?

In beauty and health circles, there seems to be a never-ending debate on various forms of light and exactly how good or bad they are for you. While we know for a fact that UV rays of all kinds (A, B and C) are extremely damaging to your skin and health when we are exposed to them for lengths of time without protection, we also know that a small amount of exposure can help with vitamin D stores, elevate mood and improve overall immunity.

However, more recently, another skin care saboteur has entered the arena, making it necessary for us to step up our skin care even more. It’s called HEV Light, or High Energy Visible Light, and it refers to the blue light that is emitted by our computer screens, iPads, phones and other such devices.

Not only has this light been tentatively linked to macular degeneration of the eyes, it’s thought that it also stresses the skin, causes an inflammatory response, degrades collagen and elastin and prevents it from carrying out its natural protective, healing and repair processes, thereby leading to what dermatologists are calling “Pollu-Ageing”.

Some experts are now claiming that four days in front of a screen is as harmful as 20minutes of unprotected sun exposure in the middle of the day. Others are even predicting that we will soon need to wear ‘facial screens’ when we sit down to work each day.

So, what can you do to prevent the damage?

Clearly, limiting time spent on your devices is a great start – we all need to use our phones and iPads less anyway, right? However, it’s also imperative to take particular care of our skin in this regard and correct cleansing and exfoliating is the first step. It sets the tone for the rest of your skin care to work. Without it, no matter how pricey your potions are, they quite simply can’t penetrate the epidermis and get to the cells where they need to work their magic.

Other things you can do include ensuring that you always wear a broad spectrum, antioxidant-rich, hydrating sunscreen throughout the day, consider placing an anti-blue light filter over your computer screen if you are in a job that requires you to look at the screen all day (buy them here: https://www.ergonomicsnow.com.au/ergonomic-products/computer-filters/anti-blue-light-screen-filter) and turn your devices to the lowest light possible if you are using them in the evening.

Remember though, as with UV light, Blue light isn’t always bad. In fact, some exposure is actually good for you – promoting healing and enhancing mood. It’s all about balance – and where you source the light. Seek out positive benefits from Blue Light via LED light machines like Omnilux Blue, which helps to neutralise the particles that cause inflammation and promote healing and repair. For more information visit: omnilux.com.au

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